Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Historic King William Area

107 Madison, The Jackson House, 1894 Victorian. This is the B&B at which Tall Husband and I stayed. If you are tall like Tall Husband, do not reserve a second floor's really the attic and Tall Husband has bumps on his head!

431 King William, Edward Steves, Jr. House, 1884

The carriage house behind the Edward Steves, Jr. House; added in 1980

509 King William, Edward Steves, Sr. Homestead, 1876; Style: Victorian French Second Empire. This Home is now owned by the San Antonio Conservation Society and is operated as a house museum.

504 King William, Albert Steves House; 1883

422 King William, Ike West Home, 1887

419 King William, Elias Edmonds House, 1875.

414 King William, Ellis-Meusebach House, 1884

410 King William, Josiah Pancoast Victorian Cottage, 1900

Unidentified Cottage in the King William Area

335 King William, Carl Wilhelm August Groose home, 1880

309 King William, Charles Hummel Home, 1884

226 King William, Ernst Altgelt Home, 1878

Texas Historical Commission's Medallion-a common sight in the King William Area

217 King William, Alexander Sartor, Jr. Home, 1882

208 King William, Louis Bergstrom Home, 1882

209 Washington, Mitchell-Oge House, 1857/1882. You can stay's a B&B!

The Jack Pancoast Cottage

303 King William, Stevens/James House, 1881

A charming Victorian Home at 215 Beauregard

425 King William, George Kalteyer Home, 1892. Style: Richardson Romanesque; designed by architect James Riely Gordon, known for his Texas Courthouses.

401 King William, Norton/Polk/Mathis House, 1876. Italianate Victorian. This house is also known as Villa Finale, the first National Trust Historic Site in Texas. It is scheduled to be open to the public in November 2009.

If you are a fan of old ironwork, as we are, the King William Area will not disappoint you.

What's better than an old Victorian? Your own tiny Victorian playhouse in the back garden!
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As promised, here are some of the wonderful old homes in the historic King William Area of San Antonio, Texas. This beautiful neighborhood is protected by national, state and city historic designations.

San Antonio is the most historic city in Texas and boasts a beautiful area of historic homes, the King William Area. Tall Husband and I, wanting to experience the history of this beautiful neighborhood, stayed in the historic Jackson House, a charming Victorian B&B on Madison Street.

Development of what is now the King William Area was begun in the 1850's on land that was originally farmland owned by the Mission San Antonio de Valero (the Alamo). The majority of families who built their fine home here were German immigrants, thus the main street and later the area was named for Kaiser Wilhelm I of Prussia. In 1968 the King William Historic District was created as the first historic district in Texas.

To enjoy a walking tour of the King William Area, I suggest that you use King William Area-a Walking Tour, a brochure from the San Antonio Conservation Society.

So, enjoy these photos of some of King William Area's historic homes, as Tall Husband and I braved three-digit (Fahrenheit) Texas heat to shoot them.

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  1. Wow, I'd take anyone of those homes!! Gorgeous!

  2. Sigh...I love historic homes.
    We are headed to Beaufort, South Carolina in a couple of weeks and will be staying near the home where they filmed The Big Chill.....and the houses there are BREATHTAKING. Especially combined with the spanish moss which hangs from the trees:)

  3. It's nice to see these homes have been preserved. Have you ever seen the historical homes in the Swiss Ave. area of Dallas? You would love those too.

  4. I think I like the King William area just about as much as I like the Houston Heights. It's fun to drive around and droll in both neighborhoods. Thanks for sharing your photos of the pretty places in San'um!

  5. WOW! Thanks for posting this! I'll definitely have to go over there and check out the area. I love historic homes and my hubby and I adore old Texas B&Bs.

  6. We are headed to San Antonio this weekend and hope to check out these places you've mentioned. I so hope we have time to because these houses are so beautiful!

  7. We came across a company called, San Antonio Walks, recommended by the Wild Oaks Ranch where we stayed. By far this was the best,most in depth treatment of not only the homes but the history of the area and other nice River views. Well worth the $16 price. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    1. Anonymous, Thanks for the recommendation. Sounds like my kind of tour!