Monday, June 1, 2009

A French Surprise

Oh, what's inside this little French envelope?!

Today a delightful envelope arrived from France. You see, Corey over at Tongue in Cheek held a guessing game. She asked readers to guess the contents of a brown paper bag tied with a pink ribbon and placed on a neighbor's door step.

As Corey had previously posted about the neighbor's dogs pooping in everyone's gardens, I had suggested scooping the poop, placing it in a bag, tying the bag with a pink ribbon and placing it on the door step of the inconsiderate neighbor. But anyone, who reads her blog, knows that Corey never does the expected, so the bag was probably sans poop. Back to the guessing game: Corey was offering a prize for the correct guess and a prize for the most creative guess. I was so excited when she announced on her blog:

"The winner of the most creative answer goes to Annie of The Bunny Bungalow: "I'm guessing that the bag tied with a pink ribbon contains something from the Brocante, perhaps something depicting St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and the environment."

What have we here?

How delightful! Tiny, antique French dice from Tongue in Cheek's header and a vintage sheet of French music,

along with adorable snippets from old French prints.

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Thank you, Corey! I shall cherish your French treasures.

P.S. The bag with the pink ribbon contained only French air.


  1. Those are adorable items! I'm sure you can put them to good decorating use. And congrats on having the most creative guess!

  2. Annie... good job on winning Corey's guessing game... I enjoy following her blog too... I won French baking tins a few months ago... It's so exciting to get a French package, n'est pas ?

    I've always loved those dice sitting in the vintage spoon... so what will you do with them Miss Annie.. Have a blissful day... Dixie

  3. Hey congrats on winning the guessing really did have a very creative guess. Oh, and like your idea for the bag with pink ribbon...but it must be done in the dark of night!

    Tricia - Avolli

  4. I love how you have them composed in the photo... that would look so nice floating in a frame under glass.

  5. I would like you give your postal adress... please reply me ;-)